World Eagle Day is here!

This coming Sunday, March 20th marks the “beginning of spring” with the Wild Bird Sanctuary’s “World Eagle Day!”

World Eagle Day

 That’s right, Spring, as we recover from about 5 inches of snow that fell  on Monday in the St. Louis area. It got up to 65 degrees today and is expected to be even warmer tomorrow…so I guess no matter the crazy weather  “spring” at least is officially around the corner.

World Eagle Day

The World Bird Sanctuary in Valley Park, MO is having a special event where you can meet eagles from around the world from 10am – 4pm. Their expert Naturalists will speak along with live eagle shows during the event at the Roast (amphitheatre.) They are also holding activities that include free fun for kids – crafts, a photo op with a live eagle and tours of their wildlife hospital. There will be food and items for sale….something for everyone!

So if you live in the St. Louis area….go out and visit the World Bird Sanctuary this Sunday on World Eagle Day.  The World Bird Sanctuary is located on the North Outer 40 Rd west of Hwy 141, on the same road to Elk Park which is a fun place to visit too.

About Kathy Erins

I'm a small business owner. My husband & I have a consulting company for which I am the CFO. I also am the owner &/or developer of a couple of websites each concerning Wild Birds. I have many hobbies besides birds. I like gardening, astronomy, animals (especially dogs), golf, tennis, camping and watching basketball.
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