Wild Birds include Rapters and the World Bird Sanctuary

Since I’m a new blogger maybe some of my new readers have never heard of the World Bird Sanctuary in St. Louis, MO so let me introduce you.  The website is http://www.worldbirdsanctuary.org/ (imagine that).  The sanctuary sits on 305 wooded acres next door to the Lone Elk County Park in southern St. Louis County right off of MO Highway 141 and I-44.

Its Mission includes education, propagation, field studies and rehabilitation.  It houses live displays of Bald Eagles, Owls, Hawks, Falcons, Vultures, Parrots and reptiles but first of all, it’s a hospital.  It not only repairs injured birds but also rehabilitates and then hopefully releases it’s patients to live out their lives the way nature intended…over 300 a year.  There is also a special Parrot rehabilitation program from which it has rehabilitated and placed at least 900 parrots.

The sanctuary has had an active program to assist distressed raptors from Missouri and throughout the US since 1977.  The Propagation Department has successfully bred: Eagle Owls, European Barn Owls, Common Barn Owls, Spectacled Owls, Mottled Owls, Tawny Owls, Bald Eagles, King Vultures, Peregrine Falcons, and Red-Tailed Hawks to mention some.  In 1991 it hatched the first wild Peregrine Falcon chick in Missouri in over 100 years.  The Sanctuary has a history of releasing and reintroducing species such as the Andean Condor, Bald Ealges, Golden Eagles and Harris Hawks into the wild.

If this sounds like a school paper, maybe it is something that someone could use in a paper to introduce the World Bird Sanctuary to people in other parts of the United States.  Another and probably the number one reason I even decided to write on this topic today is to encourage anyone who reads this to vote for WBS as St. Louis’s Top Free Attraction.  That’s right, the World Bird Sancturary does all of this via donations only.  Anyone can visit during operating hours free of charge.  The World Bird Sanctuary is one of five nominees for About.com’s Reader’s Choice Awards in the category of Best Free Attraction or Event in St. Louis.  They sent me an email asking for my support so I thought I’d pass it on and try to get them even more votes.   St. Louis Reader’s Choice Award.   The deadline is March 8th.  That’s about it.  Thanks for Reading.


About Kathy Erins

I'm a small business owner. My husband & I have a consulting company for which I am the CFO. I also am the owner &/or developer of a couple of websites each concerning Wild Birds. I have many hobbies besides birds. I like gardening, astronomy, animals (especially dogs), golf, tennis, camping and watching basketball.
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