To Wild Bird Lovers, This Is The Beginning!

Hi, my name is Kathy Erins and this new blog is for wild bird lovers. If you’re like me you’re interested in new products, which products work the best for attracting which birds to your back yard and when they arrive and leave for your area. I live in the midwest so a lot of my information, at least the first hand stuff, will be from here but I’ll add items and information for all of the US and even some Canadian information. My husband & I have done a lot of canoeing on Canadian lakes. I love the sound of the Loons.

I am a true student of wild birds and so like a good student a lot of the information I use will come from research I do and a lot of times I’ll have links and other places you can go for more information on a given topic.

I also am the owner of a couple of webstores which do correspond to the information in this blog; forgive me in advance but I’m sure from time to time I’ll mention them. If you ever have a particular question about anything relating to wild birds I hope you’ll ask.  I’ll probably be just as interested in the answer as you and will be happy to do the research if necessary for you.

I hope you’re come along with me on this new journey with wild birds.

About Kathy Erins

I'm a small business owner. My husband & I have a consulting company for which I am the CFO. I also am the owner &/or developer of a couple of websites each concerning Wild Birds. I have many hobbies besides birds. I like gardening, astronomy, animals (especially dogs), golf, tennis, camping and watching basketball.
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2 Responses to To Wild Bird Lovers, This Is The Beginning!

  1. Enjoyed your article and love of the wild birds..We have loons here in Colorado. They are awsome birds.

    • Kathy Erins says:

      Thanks…I checked out your website and love the list of birding websites and products. Hope you stay with me and can find a way to add me one of these days. I didn’t know there were loons in Colorado. I’ve spend many vacations there and don’t think I ever heard one.

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